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RivenWorld: The First Era

Do you have what it takes to endure the ruthless medieval realm? Introducing RivenWorld, a vast and immersive open-world sandbox survival multiplayer game set in the merciless medieval era.
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About this game


RivenWorld is in Early Access. By buying the game in Early Access, you're supporting our continued development and will have the ability to grow with the game and contribute ideas and concepts. We aim to fix bugs and release new content weekly as our progress on RivenWorld progresses.


Welcome to RivenWorld, a challenging and immersive open-world multiplayer game set in the unforgiving medieval era. Craft your own destiny in a dynamic sandbox environment where survival is everything. Explore a vast and detailed world filled with danger and opportunity at every turn. Gather resources, build your own kingdom, and rule over your subjects with an iron fist. Fight for your right to rule, and crush all who stand in your way. Will you become the hero or the villain of RivenWorld? The choice is yours in this thrilling and action-packed medieval adventure. Can you survive and thrive in this world of chaos and conflict? Join the battle today and find out!

Base Building and Crafting

Gather resources, construct your fortress, and expand your kingdom with a robust base-building and crafting system. Create powerful weapons, armor, and tools to aid you in your conquests, and develop your kingdom's infrastructure to support you and your fellow players.

Rich Medieval Environment

RivenWorld's expansive, detailed world is brought to life through stunning visuals and sound design. From lush forests to arid lands, the world of RivenWorld is a living, breathing medieval landscape waiting to be conquered.

Medieval Combat

Engage in intense player-vs-player battles with a rich combat system, featuring a variety of weapons, armor, and tactics. Coordinate with your allies in large-scale sieges, or engage in thrilling duels to prove your dominance.

Claim the Throne and Rule the Land

As you forge your path to power, you'll have the opportunity to seize the throne and rule your land with an iron fist. Balance your power and authority to maintain your rule, and defend your kingdom against rival factions and ambitious players.

Proximity Voice

Communicate with your allies, taunt your enemies, and engage in immersive role-play through proximity-based voice chat. Forge friendships, make enemies, and build a vibrant and dynamic community of players within RivenWorld.

Capture Players and Take Prisoners

In RivenWorld, you can capture other players and imprison them, forcing them to negotiate for their freedom or rely on their allies to stage daring rescue attempts. Use this feature strategically to weaken your enemies, or simply to assert your dominance over your rivals.

Dedicated Server Support

RivenWorld offers dedicated server support, ensuring a smooth and stable gaming experience for players worldwide. Join official servers or host your own, customizing your experience with a variety of server settings and mods.


Are you ready to embark on your quest for power, glory, and the throne? Join RivenWorld today and carve your name into the annals of history.

System requirements

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Windows 10+
Intel i7 or Equivalent
Nvidia Gtx 980 or Equivalent
Version 12
Broadband Internet connection
9 GB available space
Sound Card
VR Support